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History Of Adipur


Aadipur was an ancient place which was a part of GHETI. With reference of Jain Holly books we can find that Gheti Taleti as a Vimalachal Taleti.

There are 24 TIRTHANKAR of Jain religion from that 23 TIRTHANKAR came to Vimalachal Mountain. There is a belief that 23 TIRTHANKAR had started ‘Yaatra’ from here.

Centurions ago Madhumati (Mahuva) was a developed port at that time Gheti village was developed to the Shatrunjay Mountain.

Aadipur was depart from Gheti because Lord Aadeshwar had done ’99 times Yaatra’ from here. So this village is called as AADIPUR. Centuries ago sea way was only a way for traveling. Jain Pilgrims of Vimalachal Mountain reach to the port Madhumati and then they pass a huge forest of GEER, Shatrunjay River and reach to the Gheti and start pilgrim of Vimalachal Mountain.

When peoples came with ‘SANGH’ at that time they fine shortage of water. Geographical condition is like hills so that water can not be stored here so people face so many problems. Palitana was a place where are so many peoples are religious and the Kings are kind so they supported for further development of this religion than after all the Jain had being started pilgrim from Palitana.

Peoples comes from the Valbhipur Palitana is comes first than Aadipur and claiming of the Mountain is as like as Aadipur so they have selected Palitana.

Aadipur is 7km far from Palitana.