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Handi Craft


As Palitana is know for there temples it also famous for its hand worked dresses.

The holy festival “Navratri” peoples wear the dresses which made with handwork that work has done in Palitana. Palitana is a hub for the hand work dresses like Chaniyacholi, Kadiya, Dhoti Jabhbha, Dhoti Kurta and sarees which is demanded from small town to international market.

In past time Palitana is popular for the clothe business. Sindhi community has give flam to this business. At the time of the partition of India Sindhi comes from the Sindh (Pakistan) and get settle here. They have typically business mind because of this nature they become famous for the home made items. The hand work business is gift by this community to Palitana.

This business starts with the readymade “Sarees and Bandhanies”. After that they purchase cloths with hand work from the villages and patch them to the sarees and Chaniyacholies.

In the hand work new age start from there which is call “Abhala and Tikki work” Ferneries love this work that much they have started purchases this work even if this is too costly.

In regular basis dresses are comes in hand work and machine works. in dresses, sarees, cholis, and sarara comes in many type likes “khat worl, Tiki Moti, Gota Patti, Katchi work, Machine work and patch work”.

Today we can see that peoples are like to wear clothes which one done by Machine and Hand work.