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Bhandariya comes in a way of dam to Jesar. At the Bhandariya, there was 262 years old an ancient idol having place, which was create from white marble. The tales are that the idol which is in this derasar were been come from the Kadamgiri.Kadamgiri is place where in past time this place is famous for the Storage place of idols.

At this place years ago a home derasar is here but the before 82 years the Derasar was built. This derasar is in two floor where on first the god Adeshwar and at the ground one the lord Pashwanath’s were being worshiped.

Peoples were doing the “12 Gau yaatra” through this root. The root is Palitana to Rohishala than crossing the river Bhandariya, Kadamgiri and then after the Hastgiri.

After getting the freedom, the way of Shetrunjay River was close because the Shetrunjay dam was build on the river. After the Shetrunjay dam, the way for “12 Gau yaatra” was change. The new root is Palitana to Dam, Bhandariya, Kadamgiri, Mahuva than Talaja to return Palitana.

Now days tirth Bhandariya is developed and have facility of bhojanshala, Upasharey and the Dharamshala.

The temple of the Bhandariya was built in 28th February 1929. (Mahavad pacham 1985) this all thing were taken care by Shree Bhandariya Swetamber Mahajan Parivar.

Bhandariya is 22 km far from Palitana. You can have ST Bus and Privet vehicle to reach there.