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In the past time Palitana’s Mountain Shetrunjay is a symbol of holiness. We can say this because of we can find the sculpture at the height of 1800 ft which is created in 13th century.

Sompuras are related to the village which comes near Veraval named Sompur.

Kumarpal has taken out them for the renovation of the Mt. Shetrunjay who is the specialist of the stone curving & manufacture of temples. After this work the work of new temples of the stone curving be continue and they staid here.

Palitana is known as the sculpture city. There are several different types of marble and marble combinations used by sculptors when creating their masterpieces.

A lot of today’s marble statues are not created with the same methods that the original artists employed. In the early times, chiseling a piece from a large block of solid marble was the only method sculptors had for creating statues and sculptures. At the time, the need for mass production was not even a concept. Sculptors would simply create one piece of work at a time.

Mainly the temple created from the two types of the stone, Yellow and white. Mostly Yellow stone is come from the Jesalmer, Dhangdhara & Porbandar. The white marble comes from the Rajasthan.

The temple structure created from the yellow stone and the statue is made from the white marble.

We can find many derasar which was created by marbles.

For the color combination and specially for the gate sompuras use the stone which is called as “Bansipadpur & Lakhared” which is looks like Red shade.

Mainly for flooring design green marble is taken for use.