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There are so many Tunk of Tirth shatrunjay, Hastgiri is one of them. GANDHAR HASTISEN had got Moksha with 1 crore Jain Munis from here.

BHARAT CHAKRAVATI had organized first Shatrunjay’s CHHA’RIPALIT SANGH. So many elephant that are joined with this Sangh had got the Moksha with ‘ANASAN’. From that day this Giriraj is called as Hastgiri.

Before that this hill was called as Hill of ‘Jaliya’. The distance of this tirth from Palitana is 17 Km. There is a special place for taking the Bath in Shetrunjay River near Rohishala Village in the way of Palitana to Hastgiri tirth. Each pilgrims of going for the “99 YATRA” this is compulsory to take a bath in Shatrunjay River and take a visit for Hastgiri tirth.

Work of renovation is in progress of Hastgiri tirth. Which inspiration is provided by SHRIMAD VIJAYRAMCHANDRA SURISHWARJI AND SHRI VIJAYMANTUNG SURISHWARJI By this inspiration has created a small deri to a huge Jinalay.

There are five temples from taleti to hill name of this temples are Shree Chyavankalyank, Shree Janmakalyanak ,Shree Dikshakalyanak , Shree Kevalgyankalyank, Shree Nirvankalyanak.

There are 72 small Jain temples are being constructed at the border of the campus On the top of the Hastgiri.

In this construction you can find the fantastic marble carving work as like mount Abu. You can find decorated small temple with Shree Rushubdev holy footprints at NIRVANKALYANK Temple.

You can reach at the top of Hastgiri by vehicle and also by footsteps. Reaching to hill by the vehicle you can continue worship holy river shatrunjay, shatrunjay Mountain and Kadamgiri. You are filling like you just adopted by nature. After reaching to the top of the hill you can understand the hard work and craziness of belief.

Hastgiri is famous because of its natural beauty and geographical specialties, people not only Jain but also other than Jain are give respect as a natural beauty (small hill station) to this Hastgiri.Now a days it’s also famous as a tracing place. Currently SHREE CHADRODAY RELIGIOUS TRUST is taking care of Hastgiri taleti and ‘JAIN BHOJNALAY’.