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Now Jamboodweep Section Updated - Datha Page Updated - Kirtidham Page Updated - Talaja Page Updated , And Other Update Soon...
Shetrunjay Hill Shetrunjay Hill
Shatrunjay Hill known by 108 different names On the 603 meter top Of ... more info
Shetrunjay River Shetrunji River
River Shatrunjay start from forest of GEER And merge to ocean near Talaja...
Adupur Aadipur (Ghetipag)
Aadipur was an ancient place. There are 24 TIRTHANKAR ...more info...
Hastgiri HastGiri
There are so many Tunk of Tirth shatrunjay,Hastgiri is one of them...more info..
Jumbudrip Jambudweep
Jamboodweep Campus is not wondering for india but whole world by It's ... more info..
108 108 - samvasran temple
This tirth is founded in AD 1986. It is famous for creative structure..more info
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