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About Us

We are the MIM WEBS team who wants to make aware of the historical or ancient places of India to the world.


Vision :

The people visiting the place they have to suffer so many problems from localight.

We want to be the person who will make alive all the details of the historical places and make them to take a visit of those places.

We will provide the needs of the visitor from the A to Z and 7x24x365 days services.

Palitana is a place where so many people visit every year and they are missing so many places to which are the historical and ancient places.

So we want to make them aware and then want to take visit of those places. For that we always are at a service and give them detail and tour packages regarding the place.


We will make all the places of the India online. We wants to makes the all the historical and ancient places available on the web and alive all the places which are not taken visited by peoples we wants to make peoples to visit that place.

Upcoming projects:

  • Text base history of Palitana:

in which we will cover all the information in described way which can not be described on the web. In this book you will find the real palitana in two languages Gujarati and English.

  • On webs :
  • We like to work on upcoming two huge projects.

  • District wise Tourism Portal.

Which contain historical information, tourism related information, different services, and we like to serve all services to the tourist which can not generally found in this type of tourism places.

  • Social welfare portal.

In this we like to cover all the trust that makes social work for general people. The complete information about social welfare trust and NGO and it’s all activates will cover in this portal.

This dream’s are of three persons from different fields. You can find mainly three part in this whole work Management, Information Technology and Social and service. MIM team is created by three persons whose has different skill as per requirement for above work.