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History of Palitana


Palitana is known as ancient place. Many years ago Palitana is known as PADLIPTPUR.

PADLIPTPUR(Palitana) was situated by the student named ‘NAGARJUN’ of ‘JAIN ACHARYA SHREE PADLIPTSURI’ at place of VIMALACHAL(Shtrunjay Mountain) hill Talati .

The history of Palitana was been founded in the kingdom of ‘GOVINDRAJA’ name of the kingdom was “PRABHUTVARSH” in the AD 818-819 as a PALITANAK. This history was been found from the Danshasan In Devali. And also the history of Palitana was been founded in the other holy books of Jain’s. The name of the books are “Prabandh Chintamani, Puritan Prabandh Sangrh, Prabandh Kosh” etc.

Palitana was described as a PADLIPTPUR in a place of Vimalachal Taleti. The Mahavir Swami had done CHAITYA VANDAN at the hill of Vimalachal Taleti and also we can find the First Tirthankar “SHRI AADESHVAR BHAGVAN” is collaborated with this place.

In 14th Century Palitana was kingdom of Muslims King. This is base from the historical books named “Aine Akbari and Mirat-e-Ahmedi”.

The real Capital of Palitana was Gariyadhar, the all the king is from the Gohilvansh. In AD 1400 to 1500 the king of Gariyadhar named Vikramsinh gohil had attacked on Palitana and establishes as Hindu state.