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Shetrunjay Dam

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Shetrunjay dam


Shetrunjay dam is situated on the way from palitana to talaja. It is 10 km far from palitana.

This is the huge structural dam of saurashtra. This dam provides water to whole district of bhavanagar for drink and for the irrigation. Bhavngar district is dependent on shatrunjaya dam for drinking water.

This dam is built on the two hill of Mt. shatrunjaya by creating a wall between this hills because of this dam has got the natural walls. By so many searches this place is decided to create dam.

When the water flow come to the dam this is the prettiest view of the dam. This dam looks as an ocean when we see this from the hastagiri.

Late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi had ingrained the Shatrunjay dam.