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Shetrunji River

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Shetrunji River


River Shatrunjay start from forest of GEER and merge to ocean near Talaja. Khodiyar dam was been built near Dhari (dist. Amreli) and shatrunjay dam was been built in the way to Palitana to Talaja total distance is 10 km from Palitana.

Shatrunjay dam is the largest dam of Sauratra. Shatrunjay rives provides water to Bhavnagar city and villages and Palitana City and Villages. Late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi had ingrained the Shatrunjay dam.

Water falling from the hill of shatrunjay meets to River Shatrunji. So many Jain ‘MUNI’s get ‘MOKSHA’ at the cast of River Shatrunji. The importance of Shatrunjay River in Jain community is as like as Gangaji in Hindu community.

There is a special place for taking a bath in Shatrunjay River near Rohishala Village in the way of Palitana to Hastgiri tirth.