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In the past time talaja was a part of Shatrunjay mountain but today talaja was called one of the holly place of siddhachal this hill is nearly 320 feet high the clime is easy and merely a half km long.

There are many small temple and also big caves temple. The main temple here is “Bhagvan Sumatinath”. This temple was built by Kumarpal in 12th century.

The idols was been situated in the period of king Sampati. Temple was renovated in “vaishakh vad Teras” in vikaram savant 1872.

You can find “Akhand Jyot” which is created by saffron powder beside of temple you can find “Chintamani, Paswanath bhagvan", Mahavir swami and the great Gurumandir with statue of a Gautam Swami, Sudharma swami, Jambu swami, kaikala sarvanja, Hemchandra suriji, viruddichanda suriji and king Kumarpal.

In village you can find the other temple one is of the lord Shantinath and other is lord Malinath swami. The splendid temple and the natural caves on this hill present fascinating sight.

In the caves there are great tank for storing water oil and ghee. This is taken care by Shree Taladhvaj Svetamaber Jain committee and Babuni Jain Dharma Shala.

In this city you can also notice same hill which has 13 Buddhist caves carved into solid rock. The caves are around 2000 years old. They are of the 4th stage of Buddhist cave architecture.

The Hindu temple of khodiyarMata is on the same hill, placing holy sites of three religions at the same place.

You can also visit Narsinh Mehta’s house in town, though there is little of obvious note other than a marker signaling it as the house of his birth.

Other interesting thing of this city is this village is calling as a village of “Veer Abhalvala’s” village. On the entrance of the city you can find a great statue of “veer Abhalvala” which is look like he is welcoming the peoples. On the mountain there is a place which is call as an Abhalval’s umbrella.

Talaja is 32 km far from palitana to reach there you can have ST Bus, taxi or a privet vehicle.